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Built-in Storage

Posted by siteadmin on December 11, 2015
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storagespace1Built-in storage may not afford the luxury of moving with you from place to place, but that’s balanced by the fact that it can utilize every inch of potential storage space.

A window seat, for instance, can provide the perfect place for blankets or photo books, while a previously unused space under the stairway can be carved out to accommodate shelves for books, or to display an array of collectibles.
The real beauty of built-ins is that they can be custom-tailored to your specific needs.The back of the shelves can be covered up with wood, left open or even painted to tie in with the colour scheme of the room. If in a child’s room, niches may be painted in fun bright colours.

storagespace2Niches reserved for treasured collectibles can be individually lit with their own built-in downlight, showcasing the object within. The effect is impressive during the day and even more so at night, when the area becomes a stunning focal point

Today’s wealth of decorative options often reflect a personal sense of style.

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One thought on “Built-in Storage

  • Modupeola Otunuga
    on December 11, 2015

    This is informative. It also shows that a lot can be achieved with a little more push to one’s thinking cap. I love the precision displayed with the shelves under the stir case.

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