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We offer advisory services in real estate to new and existing clients. Before any action is taken, our clients seek our advice; they trust us to deliver professional advice, void of bias. We offer advice when our clients are looking for places to invest in, the right time to invest, outright sales or purchase options, management of existing property, etc.

Our advice to our clients is given from the wealth of experience gathered across continents over years and from studying and keeping abreast of market trends.


We are trusted to deliver on sales, lease and purchase of properties on behalf of our clients. We are the preferred choice with our clients as our record of transparency and honesty is impeccable.

We have properties for sale and for lease across the country.

Interior Design

Interior design for us is a fusion of individual personalities and lifestyles into living or working spaces. To achieve this, an exciting procedure is undertaken with our clients to understand them – individuals, families or organizations.

Wide arrays of demographic as well as psychographic features are noted before actual work kicks off. The affinity drawn to the living space is always unbelievable as our finished works are usually not just another living or working space for the client but it becomes a part of them.

For us at Nyclave, we view the concept of interior design differently. This is not just about colour plays and arrangement of furniture pieces into spaces, it is a transfer of personalities into living or working spaces.

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